Teacher Bloggers

Teacher Bloggers
Order one of our teacher blogger shirts from here and we'll print your blog button on the back of your shirt! To take advantage of this offer, please read the following very carefully, and print out a copy of these instructions for reference when ordering.
  1. Order your shirt(s) from here. Do not add the optional back name/number to your shirt. You can add other shirts to your cart as well, but only the blogger shirts are eliglbe for the free print on the back featuring your blog button.
  2. During checkout, in the comment box, paste a link to your blog.  This is very important so we don't print and ship your shirt before we print the back!
  3. After you complete you order, please email a copy of your button to graphics@aplusimages.com and add your order number to the end of the subject line. Artwork should be either vector art, or 300 DPI full size .pdf, .psd, .jpg, .png, or .bmp files. Please do not send tiny images downloaded from your blog. They will not print properly.
  4. To qualify for this promotion, you must either:
    • Have not participated in one of our previous blogger shirt offers, OR
    • Participated in one of our previous promotions AND met the requirements on your part of the promotion.
  5. Once we receive your order and your artwork, we will check your information against our database. Qualified orders will be processed. Customers with non-qualified orders will be contacted.