Kiwanis Conventions and Fundraising

Kiwanis Conventions & Fundraising


A+ Images, as a licensee of Kiwanis International (through Affinity Licensing), has exhibited at 7 recent International Conventions:

  • Nashville 2009
  • Las Vegas 2010
  • New Orleans 2012
  • Vancouver 2013
  • Indianapolis 2015
  • Toronto 2016
  • Las Vegas 2018

We will also be exhibiting in Orlando in June 2019, Indianapolis in 2020, and Salt Lake City in 2021.

We have also exhibited at District Conventions in Indiana, Florida, I-I, MO-ARK, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, TX-OK, Wisconsin and TN-KY.

If we can't make it to your District Convention, we offer a fundraising opportunity. Please read the section below about our Fundraising Program.


At the International Conventions we had many requests to exhibit at District Conventions. Because all the DC’s are held in a 5 week period, it was and still is impossible to exhibit at all of them. We thus came up with a fundraiser program using our unique designs. Six DC’s went ahead with our program for both the August conventions as well as some Mid-Winter ones.

Our fundraising program is designed to make things EASY for you:

  • No upfront payments
  • No shipping costs (to you or returning unsold shirts to us)
  • Free UPS pickup at the business/office location of your choice and return labels emailed to you to easily send back unsold merchandise
  • Invoice sent when shirts are returned.

We send our best-selling designs, both ladies and men’s garments in a nice selection of colors and sizes.

We prefer to go through the District Office to arrange the fundraiser. Your District determines who will run the fundraiser. It could be the District itself, Past Lt Gov. Assoc., Foundation, a special program/cause that your District supports, or even for the District Key Club or CKI.

Our schedule for exhibiting at Disctrict Conventions in August 2019 is almost filled. Most Districts renew immediately for the next year and because of the amount of stock needed as well as the amount of time spent in transit; it limits what we can do. Please contact us to see if dates are available for this August. Email

We also offer an affiliate marketing program for Kiwanis Districts. Individual clubs are not eligible.

Quotes from past District Fundraisers

"We started working with A+ Images in 2012 for our DC. They sent us a large inventory of quality products that attracted a lot of interest from our members and sold quickly. We had record merchandise sales and profit. A+ Images made it very easy for us…and we had no up front costs. We plan to continue to work with them for the foreseeable future."

-Kevin Thomas, District Executive Director, Pennsylvania District

"A+ Images made it easy. We received the packages with a list of items and pricing. Our members loved the merchandise. After the conference, we simply sent it back and we received our invoice a few days later."

-Jose Josinvil, Asst. Exec Director, Florida District